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   People ask Kim Ha-on, how can you think like that at a young age? Can meditation be like Kim Ha-on?

Everyone's angry these days. We want to look like Kim Ha-on. The following is how to go to freedom, love, and peace that I heard directly from Kim Ha-on.












I don't have anyone around who breaks the peace.



Q:Today's concept of photoshoot was “Kim Haon’s Holiday”. When was the last time you didn’t do anything (all day)?

H: Yesterday I had no schedule but I don't think there is ever a day where I am not doing anything, I am always either working or exercising. I have recently started working out.


Q: I heard you have started living alone, but you don't seem the type who lies around at home. 

H: I have a morning routine for myself. After I wake up, eat food, wash and medicate. After meditating, I tend to do other stuff. I always make sure to have my breakfast in the morning.

I like to have a high-calorie diet such as bacon, eggs and beef. Make sure to have your breakfast.


Q: .... if you were a university student, what do you want to do?

H: Universal but beautiful things. As I dropped out of high school, I have a lot of time being alone. Every time I felt lonely, I used to think about school lunch time.

I always used to say "Let's go and get photosynthesis" to my friends. It was fun meeting up and talking under the sun.

As college/university students are adults, they are free from old and new constraints. I think it would be fun to meet up with my friends and get photosynthesis on the large campus.


Q: What does a "friend" mean to Haon?

H: I really don't know. At the moment, hyung-deul (brothers) are more comfortable, for example, minsik hyung (SIK-K).

When I am with H1ghr music Hyung-deul, I have lots of fun and learn a lot from them, and feel worthy of time.


Q: ... is haon in need for a friend who you can learn from?

(heart/interest/energy).  H: I wish it was "give and take". I don't think I am the type of person who gets "charged up" after meeting up with people.

When I meet someone I feel like I'm consuming my energy. However, when I realise I am the only person giving my energy to the person, I felt doubtful.

Once I come to a realisation, I refuse to those people my


Q: Are you the type who cut the ties firmly

H: Yes. That is because it breaks my peace. I have no reason to keep that relationship until I break the peace, and I do not want to.

If I am not peaceful then it is rough for me too. However, I just don't cut them completely, I let them go.


Q: Your "twety years old" has already gone halfway through. have you managed to fulfil your wish list?

H: Going to PC room until drawn. Eating and drinking (alcohol) with brothers. I don't think there is anything especially about being an adult (laughs)


Q: There really isn't anything special about adulthood, it just brings you anxiety. Is there any special way Kim Haon tries to overcome anxiety?

When I have done enough but it still doesn't work, I take a day off but I still won't die. You're not dead yet. You are doing it cause you are still alive.

You do it till you get it right. I hope people won't think too much about things they want to do, things they want to have or things they want to achieve.

It is even harder for yourself if you have a mindset of " If it is difficult then you will die". It is also good to have Plan B but if you don't have one then it is better to do something else.

Who knows it might be better than things you wanted to do at first.  H: It is something I am also scared of. (Laughs)

I am in a place where I don't know when and how it will happen. Whilst making a song called "Flower" I listened to my friend's concerns.

I think the shape of distress is different and the essence is somehow similar.


Q: I don't think it is easy to not think lightly about things you want to achieve.


H: However you shouldn't be too lightly prepared. Do not be hasty while preparing. It is important to keep the balance well. It's a little complicated.

If you do not understand, read Reality Transfers. It will change your life! (Laugh) Truthfully, I myself cannot be able to act like these thoughts every moment. I always try to be aware of it. Having these thoughts helps you when you are at stake. If I call it paper airplane, the established order is the fan. When I try to sink or fall, the thoughts lift me up again.

















No one in the world is perfect. You have to forgive me in moderation.




Q: Compared to a year ago, a lot of things has been changed. When you get hit by work and people, you tend to lose yourself when you are too tired. is haon ok?

H:  For a while, It was a feeling of dust accumulating on the order and truth I have established. Meditation was not work very well, no lyrics were not written.

But now I'm going back to my place. I had forgotten for a moment that 'everything changes'. No matter how peaceful, free and happy I was in the past, the situation can not but change.

The surrounding environment has changed. So nowadays I have to accept changes and 'find out what can be done here.'


Q: I just realized that I had forgotten about it too. (Laughs) When it comes to Kim Haon, you have an image of "person with second life", "polite person".

However, I think those images can be your burden sometimes.  

H: Of course I am burdened! I am a person who does not like being locked in a frame once. I want to get rid of it even if it is a frame I made.

I want to be a new and funny person. For a long time now, I have decided not to be obsessed with things I have realised from everything. I thought this was the framework I created.

I am obsessed with the act of realization, and eventually, I end up doing nothing. After that, I make up excuses saying "there is no inspiration", "what can I do or write when I do not even have inspiration". let's just say I have been lazy for a while and start to work harder from now on.


Q: Your speech during newcomer award at <Korean Hip Hop Awards 2019> was very impressive.

You said, "Because I loved myself, I was able to receive these awards, this is why I am glorified with myself and in front of you all".

How can I be able to trust and love myself as Kim Haon? 

H: You can forgive. I think love is forgiving soon. There is no perfect person in the world. So I cannot be perfect either. If I forgive my imperfect points, I can love. I'm short.

Well, I can forgive. "I'm getting ridiculous on the inside. I am being lazy?" Let's forgive. You can do it right now. I think if I keep thinking like this, I can love myself.


Q: WOW! I might have to write it down and put it up in my desk "Let's forgive yourself".

H: However, you should not just forgive yourself too much, if you do you will be lazy very soon. As I said before, everything is balanced! I have to keep it well.


Q: As expected... can I call you a teacher? In another interview earlier this year, you said, "If I love, I will be a person." What did Kim haon love to become a person?

H: Ahaha. For me I forgave everything. Everything.


Q: You did not love a particular object.

H: Well do I really have to say who (laughs). I think I became a person after meeting Park Jae Bum.


Q: Besides a love for everything, love for yourself, don't you want to have a lover?

H: I want to try too. The people around me are dating and finds everything fun. Is it really that fun? I am curious. 


Q: Kim Haon is an influential person right now. There are some friends who dropped out of school after seeing you.

Aren't you afraid that what you say in a particular situation, at a particular time, can affect someone 's life?

H: I get the message through Instagram DM saying "I want to be like you hyung". It comes a lot. My life is pretty good if you only look at what has only been exposed through media.

Though I cannot reply to everyone individually so I just read those messages.

I want to let them know everything is not just what you see but a place where you can be mentally vulnerable.

I do not want to say I am the right person. I think that's an act of ignoring that person.


Q: I am sure being loved by many people is a good thing, but sometimes I think that love can be overwhelming.

There are a lot of people who give opinions on minor things like changing the Instagram ID or changing the hairstyle.

H: That's the area I cannot do anything about it anymore. Whatever they say, I am grateful. Through that, I can also get musical inspiration.



Q: Is there anything you want to do well beside rap?

H: Singing. I never thought I wanted to sing well before? I thought it was ok to not be able to sing well but recently I have been wanting to be able to sing well.

If you are good at singing, it will be different in many ways.


Q: You look the happiest when talking about music.

H: When I listen to music, I feel like all the hard things disappear. I can just be able to play within the place music has taken me away in.

Now two obvious questions have been last to be asked, Please tell me about future plans, You have been preparing for a new album. 

I'm working hard. It will come out this year. I will not be in a hurry. I want to minimize the idea of ​​'Will this album be successful?'.

I will collect fun and things I want to do. After making it coolly, I will let you listen to it.


Q: Lastly, what do you want to say to university people or same age people?


H: Do not worry too much. Even if someone breaks your peace and makes your life unbelievable, forgive them first and exclude them from your life.

You should not get revenge. Revenge comes back to your chest. Love, find peace and live freely.



Trans by: @HA0N___










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